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What We Pick Up


Food waste pickup and composting

Once you sign up for the Food waste pickup service, we will send you a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. We will also send you 5-gallon compostable bags for you to place in the bucket to collect the scraps while keeping the bucket clean.

On your designated pickup day (once every two weeks), place the compost bucket with the bag of food waste on the curb, and we will pick up the bag and leave the bucket.

Food waste we accept for composting

Hard-to-recycle plastics

Plastic packaging you can't recycle in your community

TerraCycle Home offers a simple solution to help you recycle all of your hard-to-recycle plastics, especially items not traditionally recycled curbside.

Simply subscribe to our plastic recycling pickup service, and we will provide you with a bin and bags to collect items such as plastic bags, styrofoam, clamshells, trays, single-use cutlery, candy wrappers, and more.

Collect your plastics in the provided bags and place them in the bin. Bring your bin to the curb on your designated pickup day and we’ll collect the bags for recycling.

Plastics we accept for recycling

Glass bottles & jars

If you can't recycle glass in your community

Once you sign up for our glass pickup service, we will provide you with a bin and collection bags for glass bottles and jars. Collect your glass bottles and jars in the provided bags and place them in the bin.

On your designated pickup day, place the bin with bags on the curb, and we will pick it up for recycling.

Glass we accept for recycling

On demand solutions

Zero Waste Boxes

Want to upgrade your recycling and make an even bigger impact? Unlock access to our award-winning Zero Waste Boxes and receive a 25% discount on any box you purchase when you subscribe to any of our recycling or compost pickup services.

Place an order online, receive a box, and when full, place curbside on your regular pickup day for recycling.

How to apply a 25% discount on Zero-Waste Box purchases

Our Zero-Waste Boxes

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