How it works


Choose the subscription package that's best for you and receive your supplies.


Once you fill a Zero Waste Bag, seal it. and check the box indicating which waste stream it contains, then place it on your doorstep


Scan the QR code or log into your account to schedule a pickup.


HBS will pick up your Zero Waste Bag at the scheduled time. TerraCycle will recycle everything inside!

How we recycle

Your trash is first manually and then automatically sorted into the materials it’s made from.

The sorted waste is then recycled into raw materials. Explore how each material is processed.

The materials are used to make new products, including items that will benefit your community.

#RecycleEverything and reward your community

The more you and your neighbors recycle with us, the more you can give back to your community! Some of the trash collected through Zero Waste Bag by HBS will be recycled into benches and other items that will be donated to your community's public parks.

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TerraCycle PickUp is currently in pilot phase. Our service is available in the greater Philadelphia area.

Find out more aboute our pilot or contact us to find out when TerraCycle PickUp is coming to your area!

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