Sporting Goods

Accepted items: Training equipment, netting, sports clothing, sports safety equipment, cones, yoga mats, resistance accessories, whistles, bags
Not accepted: Live bait, fish, large gym machines


Collect with large bags

Collect with large Zero Waste Bags

Recycle sporting goods by using our large Zero Waste Bag. Make sure to check off the “Sporting goods” checkbox on the front of the Zero Waste Bag. When the Zero Waste Bag is full, seal it, then scan the QR code or log in to your account to schedule a pickup. Place the Zero Waste Bag on your doorstep, and we’ll pick it up at the scheduled time.

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How we recycle


Learn more about how we recycle sporting goods 

Each Zero Waste Bag is opened upon receipt and visually inspected for any non-compliant materials, then consolidated for processing in bulk.

The consolidated materials are then manually sorted into categories based on secondary stage mechanical processing requirements. Fiberglass materials are pulverized and used in aggregate construction applications such as block and tile. Wood materials are pulverized and used to produce wood fuel pellets. Clothing is size-reduced through shredding and metals are then removed through magnetized and electrostatic sortation. Sorted metals are smelted and formed for use in secondary metals manufacturing. Shredded clothing is de-woven through mechanized carding to create single-orientation fibers and then sold for use in filled applications.

Footwear is shredded separately and materials are separated by density through air- and water-based mechanical sortation into synthetic fibers, foams, and leather. Fibers are then sold for use in applications such as composite decking. Foams and leathers are granulated for use in flooring applications. All other materials are size-reduced through shredding. Metals are removed through magnetized and electrostatic sortation. Rigid plastics are sorted by density profile and composition through multi-stage air, optical, and water-based mechanical sortation systems. Clean, sorted plastics are mixed with other plastics to make recycled plastic blends that are then used by various manufacturers to make new products.

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